Tree House Plans

Vacation house plans are designed to serve as a second home. As such, vacation house plans are often smaller, less formal and feature open interior planning that maximizes smaller floor plans. Vacation house plans are also designed to fit lots common for vacation homes, such as a beach front, lake front or hillside setting where a view is the reason you purchased it. Vacation house plans therefore often have large expanses of glass on one or more sides. Vacation home floor plans come in various exterior styles ranging from contemporary or modern styles to traditional or country style house plans. Vacation house plans may also enjoy various foundation types to suit their specific site. Vacation house plans frequently do not include garages. Please enjoy this great collection of vacation house plans.

Vacation homes as investment properties, allows the owner to deduct all sorts of business expenses, cleaning, maintenance, including advertising, and any losses. Generally, owners are allowed to vacation at their investment properties up to 14 days a year. By contrast, true vacation homes are more like second homes. Owners can spend as much time there as they want, collect a small amount of rental income (typically 14 days) without paying taxes on it, and deduct mortgage interest on their taxes. But they cannot deduct any losses or expenses for upkeep.




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