Texas hill country ranch house plans with pictures

Texas Hill Country style is a regional historical style with its roots in the European immigrants who settled the area, available building materials and lean economic times.The settlers to the hills of central Texas brought their carpentry and stone mason skills to their buildings. The locally available white limestone and later brown sandstone were used with the local cedar to construct these well-crafted attractive homes.The more rustic simple nature of Texas Hill Country style is also due to the lean times when the area was being settled, resulting in a simple and authentic style. The Hill Country style has a modern elegance because of simplicity, materials and detail in construction.

This comfortable home with big porches and a surprising tall ceiling and window wall to the view at the back is perfect for a family with Grandma or a bounce back child who needs the bedroom that is at one end of the house by itself. Interesting ceiling treatments throughout and nice sized rooms make the home feel larger than it is. Coming in from the garage you do NOT go through the laundry room, but straight into the open island kitchen with long sight lines to the stone fireplace beyond making the owners arrival at her home stress free and pleasant. An oversized walk-around (squeeze free) master shower gives her a refuge at the end of the day.

Texas Hill Country House plans are the right place for you if you are looking for a warm, inviting, rural area to build a home that isn’t too far away from the convenience of the city. Imagine a place where crystal clear streams and towering oak and cedar trees meet the majesty of the hills.If you think that Texas is a flat and arid place, Texas Hill Country house plans is actually the opposite. This place has plenty of beautiful natural attractions, including forests, plains, deserts, mountains, ocean fronts, dry lands and wetlands. This place also give you diverse cultural roots which include a melding of Central European which influencing many things such as food, beer and architectures.

instruction for building:
Determine the type of Texas ranch home that you are comfortable with, including the layout (i.e. horizontal, u-shaped or a courtyard with multiple outbuildings). Your home can be reminiscent of the hill country or plains-style buildings, simple or downright ostentatious, as large or small as you like. You may or may not need a stable for your horses, but today’s Texas ranch style house is likely to include a three- or four-car garage. Unlike the California ranch style home, historic Texas ranches include a second floor in at least the main dwelling.

Nearly all ranch homes were built in sections then joined together. The center section was usually the tallest with the others sloping to the sides. Sometimes there was a central courtyard surrounded by the wings of the home. Today’s larger ranch homes may utilize a boat garage, a pool house, guest house or other outbuilding to achieve the same effect. Visit historic homes and ranches to determine the feeling that suits you and your family. Go to real estate websites such as realtor.com for a virtual tour of Texas ranch homes for sale.

Modify a stock plan or have an architect design a custom home for your site. house plans image by Christopher Hall from Fotolia.comChoose a design that is in harmony with the lay of the land. The true Texas ranch respected the natural setting, taking advantage of flat or elevated sites, any shade available, a water source and a commanding view, if possible. You can either select a house plan that is reminiscent of historic properties or hire a builder with experience in the Texas ranch style. If you own your own land, you will either have to adapt a design to the site or have an architect design a custom plan. It is also possible to find spec homes built in the Texas ranch style. You can work with the developers to adapt one of their models, incorporating the special details you prefer. Again, browse several real estate websites to see what is available now and/or is planned to be built soon.This small shed shows the metal roof, quarried stone, wide siding boards used in historic Texas ranch homes. home image by Dennis Carrigan from Fotolia.com

Use as many authentic building materials as is feasible. These include:

–Carved natural local wood or diamond inlay or carving for doors, doorways, pillars and posts

–Metal construction components such as standing seam metal roofs, often made of copper

–Stamped metal trim often with stars or star patterns or a large, single “lone” star

–Natural quarried stone

–Locally manufactured brick

–Adobe or stucco that is painted to resemble adobe

Tall windows with shutters and balconies are frequent features in the more grand Texas ranch homes. old texas building with balcony2 image by dav820 from Fotolia.com

Incorporate the authentic Texas ranch style features you enjoy into your plans especially:

–Tall windows with shutters

–Large fireplaces

–Tall ceilings in the main public part of the home

–Built-in rustic furniture like benches and shelves

–Pegged floors, with wide or rough wood planks

–Spaces for outdoor living, such as courtyards, covered porches, balconies, patios, verandas and arbors

–Water wells or cisterns

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