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Why you need to hire an architect

Why you need to hire an architect ? was not only an architect hired to make you the blueprints and design, few people realize how complicated it can be to build a home or building, at least until are lost in a heap of trouble, municipal regulations, design alternatives, specifications, contractors, budgets, etc..

Inspiring Modern Home Architecture

My blog of drawings , you just used to get ideas for your future construction, and these ideas can go wherever you an architect to draw up the entire project by modifying or creating new plans to your requirements and construction standards really fit in sure your country will ask a technical project visa, drafted by a professional with legal powers. So remember to ask before you send free floorplans , each home is unique and must be planned according to city guidelines and location depending on the terrain, topography, soil study and others, for that you pay a professional, not just take a picture and now. The drawings shown here are drawings with ideas, they are not the development of an architectural project should be.

round houses design architecture

Find out all professionals should be involved during the design and construction of your work, do not think just need an architect , but also a civil engineer , and the presence of more professionals.

The architect is a professional who has the education, training, experience and imagination necessary to guide you through the entire process of design and construction , from work to help you define what you need to build up the way to get the most for your investment . Architects not only design a roof and four walls to meet their basic needs, but create specially equipped to live, work and perform all the functions that characterize human life attractive areas. Driving contractors and suppliers, architects may make the process culminating in a well-constructed project, you meet your expectations and framing within the cost and time you’ve planned.

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Architect, with knowledge and experience in design and its technical and constructive aspects, is best placed to introduce alternatives and options that you will probably not have occurred.

Choosing an architect ?
1. Deciding which will make the project architect of your home, the first question to known or internet research on the experience that people have with this aquitecto or architectural firm . If you see a house you like, ask the owners who made ​​the project. If you have no idea architects go to school in your province and ask for a list of architects in your area, or look at this blog list Architect country so you can contact them.
Two. Remember that cheap is expensive and no one gives their work. So you can ask the architectural firms or independent architects to create convenient, how much they charge per m2 of work to carry you the plans or if you want to do all the construction project with them.
Three. Asked least 3 architects and compare what they offer and how they charge. Cheapest does not have to be the winner, because you have to consider the quality of the work you’ve previously investigated.
April. Sees where the architect distribution ideas you can find in this blog planes , with a list of requirements such as number of bedrooms, bathrooms, how many plants, etc.. You can draw your own on paper what you want so that the architect can understand what you really want.

unique architectural floor plans and elevations

The charges an architect ?
Prices are free, each takes a different architect. The fees for services provided by the architect to be regarded as a sound investment and not as an additional cost to the project, among others, for the following reasons:
a. A well-conceived project can be built more efficiently and economically, avoiding or minimizing improvisations and unexpected surprises that cause additional costs and unnecessarily prolong the period of construction.
b. The architect produced plans and specifications by selecting materials and finishes, depending on their quality, beauty, durability and cost. These plans and specifications used to build not only the work, but are essential for serious and reliable proposals of contractors and suppliers.
c. Good design and good construction will always provide added value: higher property value to a property and in some cases more customers to a business or increased productivity in the workplace. The architect can provide things that you probably would not consider and implement other that you’d know not how to deal with, such as program steps, time warn potential problems associated with official regulations, coordinating the work of specialists in complex projects, recommending contractors and competent providers, subscribe to advise and equitable contracts for controls for construction is carried out in accordance with drawings , specifications, amounts and deadlines.

Tropical Modern Architectur

The architect can provide invaluable advice from the earliest stages of their performance. Many problems could be avoided if the architect was consulted, inclusive, before buying a plot , as it not only knows the restrictions that may apply to a particular field but is also able to find good opportunities in seemingly unsuitable terrain and difficulties which are not would occur in other customer that it would seem appropriate. The success or failure of a housing project depends largely on the relationship between architect and developer.

The architect has to know your customer love and try to find the appropriate sensitivity to be able to create an efficient home, with little cost and consumption level that meets the real needs of the people, not what may happen. The architect has to learn to be more outgoing, to learn how to break the ice with the customer quickly and learn how to gain the confidence thereof.

Comment below on the importance of hiring an architect and professional to build your home. If you are an architect wishing to promote themselves for free on this blog, do not miss this opportunity! You will see thousands of daily visitors, you can do so through a comment under this post and thereafter for your country link (we are creating a section on country in which you can put your contact details, experience, etc..)

unique architectural floor plans

unique house plans architect



modern architectural home design in philippines

modern architectural home design

Classic style design

House plan to choose architect to design your home

Once we are clear that we want to build our new house and know about the cost of it (and can afford) we choose an architect to perform this design. Today I want to talk about some tips to choose which is the most convenient for you person.

Classic style design

Find an architect
The usual (or traditional) way to find an architect is through word of mouth. However WOM has a small catch: It is limited and will find, what you find … That does not necessarily mean that suits your tastes or professional has to be wrong, of course. I’m just saying that I have little or nothing to choose from. Through Reform Plan, for example you can request quotes from architects fees belonging to our community. At the end you will receive up to 7 deals fees but more importantly, the Professional Listing each.

The first thing you should do is to not look for work they have done. While all architects have the ability to adapt to the customer’s style, everyone has their preferences. If you like the classic look at architects who have a similar style to yours. This way you will work more comfortable both parties.

Modern style designe

In Reform Plan gradually we are collecting ratings references of former clients of our professionals. This way you can know what their former clients say their work, how it was with them, if met term, if their treatment was friendly, etc …

First meeting: Feeling
Everything else is fine. And it’s probably what I would advise anyone. However, my main recommendation is that you have feeling with the architect at the first meeting. Designing a home is not easy and will require you to do many (and sometimes endless) meetings so it is essential that it is a person who will give feeling. Sometimes it’s hard to explain but basically your architect has to be someone you trust, you can respect their judgment and admire your knowledge.Do not look at the price of their fees

Contemporary style design

Surely more than one ye shall lay hands on the head. How could I not to notice their fees! Obviously while budgets are consistent and ronden prices previously dictated Colleges of Architects, believe me, the difference between a budget of fees of an architect 15,000 € and another 20,000 € is not important: These € 5000 can easily be absorbed in the rest of Work and Budget of a good deal and involvement and above all, a good feeling during the two years that lasts at least the process of building your new home, well worth it.

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Modern architectural home design in philippines

These are the sample pictures of exterior and interior architectural design of an inspiring modern artistic futuristic house with Mediterranean style owned by Bill. This inspiring architectural residential design is created by Tony Owen Partners. This gorgeous house is located in Sydney, Australia. This house especially the interior design can become the inspiration of how to decorate the rooms and how to choose the suitable furniture and arrange the furniture based the width of the room. The further description of this house is given by the architects themselves and can be read below:

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