house plans for persons with disabilities

house plans for persons with disabilities

Mandatory regulations relating to disability, apply to the construction of detached house for sale or rent. Rules applicable to outdoor areas of the house (access, parking, utilities) and those applicable to be distinguished interior house plan (organization and circulation, room layout).

house plans for persons with disabilities

Unit life

The adaptation of the plan of the house based on the concept of unity of life for the person with a mobility impairment. Only the living unit must be adapted. There is no obligation for access to the entire interior of the house. According to the organization plan of the house it is on one or more levels, the concept of unity of life is different. The table describes the parts must be accessed by the number of levels


The passage from one room to another unit of life, is suitable for a person with a mobility impairment and traveling in a wheelchair whose dimensions are

width: 0.75 m
length: 1.25 m
The use of space is the location occupied by the wheelchair (or a person with two canes) to use equipment (eg sink). This space is defined by a rectangle of 0.80 mx 1.30 m.

Space maneuver the wheelchair turn is a turning circle of 1.50 m diameter.

The minimum width of corridors is 0.90 m.

Interior doors are doors of 0,80 m, the width of passage, open at 90 ° leaf is at least 0.77 m. The front door is 0.90 m offer dito passage 0.83 m. The door operating space defined by a rectangle is equivalent to that of the movement width (at least 0.90 m) and a length equal to:

1.70m whether to push the door
2.20m whether to pull the door or in the case of door.

The regulation does not indicate any special specification for operating a door located laterally to the axis of movement. Our studies have led us to adopt a width of 1.25 m traffic to perform the movement with a chair.

Parts of the house for disabled

The kitchen must provide a passageway with a minimum width of 1.50 m between the appliances installed or predictable given the possibilities of connection and discharge, fixed furniture and walls, and travel out of the door.

The room has to be apart from the movement of the door and hold a bed of 1.40 mx 1.90 m:

a clearance of at least 1.50 m in diameter
a passage of at least 0.90 m on both long sides of the bed and a passage of at least 1,20 m on the free short side of the bed, or a passage of at least 1.20 m on both longitudinal sides of the bed and passage of at least 0.90 m on the free short side of the bed.

WC (water closet)
The use of space for wc (0.80 mx 1.30 m) must be outside of the movement of the door. Although the regulation provides for the possibility of not achieving this, use space in the case of a home that do not contain a disabled person, we consider that it is the only place that has the best chance to accommodate passage.

Shower room
The bathroom must be equipped with an accessible shower in the case of a building permit for the house filed on or after 1 January 2010 (or should allow installation without major work). To put this shower rather than bath will be easier to comply with the clearance of at least 1.50 m in diameter outside the movement of the door and fixed equipment.

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