Saving water, gas and electricity

If one invests in small home renovation and adota simple steps can reduce the amount of water bills, gas and electricity up to 50%. We will give several tips that purpose.


1st. Appliances:
You have to pick it energy class A, A + or A + +. Although more expensive, in the long offset, then use 30% less energy. The energy savings and are fundamantales eficicencia.

2nd. Bulbs:
You must use energy saving light bulbs or LEDs. It can save about 15 euros per unit per year (calculated to be turned on 5 hours a day). They last 8-10 times longer.

3rd. Water:
You can halve water consumption. This requires putting pressure reducers (or close some stopcock) and thermostatic taps with flow restrictor. Also, the tanks must be double-charged.

4th. Home insulation:
It should be well insulated house walls for it should be lined with fiberglass or polyurethane. Also, the windows have to be (for them will 35.30% of the hot / cold) with low emissivity double glazing and PVC or aluminum profiles with thermal break or.

5th. Heating:
It can save 13% when installed heating thermostatic valves on the radiators and thermostats in the rooms programmers to regulate the temperature.

6th. Temperature in the home:
Ideally, winter is 19-21 degrees Celsius during the day and 15-17 degrees at night. For each degree of over consumption in heating fires 5-7%. In summer should not exceed 25 degrees, also if you put the air conditioner with inverter system, it consumes 23% less.

7th. The fluorescent:
Consume 80% less than incandescent lamps. But you have to put only stays where its use will be extended (kitchens) and to be avoided when turned on and off as often consume more and shortens life.

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