Plans for popsicle stick houses

Building a house of sticks board the paddle is a fun craft activity for school children and adults alike. It is not difficult to build a simple structure of sticks in the palette, but you can add characters through painting and other decorations. After you understand how to make a popsicle stick house basic, you can create a village of houses, shops and other buildings. Fortunately, Popsicle sticks you can buy at any craft store to build houses strut not need to eat dozens of pallets.

Establishing four sets of sticks 11 Popsicle vertically alongside the work surface. These are the four walls of the house of popsicle stick. You can leave holes in the center of the walls, or half the size paste to create windows or doors of the house. Paste a horizontal support pole in the center of each wall. Wall with windows or doors, gluing two support sticks in the upper and lower walls in place.

Glue the four walls together, to create an open topped and open bottom bucket. Using hot glue from a glue gun is the easiest way to connect these small areas such as art glue takes too long to dry.

Glue two sticks together at right angles to create a triangle with one side open. Make two of these triangles and attached to point at both ends to two opposite walls. The house should now look like a building with two sides of a square framed.

Establishing two groups of 12 Popsicle sticks vertically next to the work surface, like to make the walls. Gluing a single support pole through the middle of each set of 12. You now have the two parts of the roof, which can be stuck to the sides to frame to complete the structure.

If desired, decorate the house of popsicle stick. Use frost, paint, fake flowers and miniature toy to make the house to life.

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