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Each historical style has distinctive features like porches or classical details that developed in response to climates and cultures. Use these features to help you think about the kind of house that fits both your lifestyle and your region’s climate. Explore and find your match.Designing your new home is an exciting time, but it can also be quite stressful. The decisions that you make while designing affect your finances and state of mind in significant ways. Building a house can be a very expensive and intense undertaking, and the quality and clarity of the design will have a lot to do with whether it becomes a dream home or a nightmare.

The Ten Most Frequent Problems When Building

1.Buyers, lacking the necessary knowledge of the building process, forego control of their investment and look to their builder as their sole source for guidance. This reliance upon the builder to fulfill their responsibilities often ends in disappointment.Buyers, lacking the necessary knowledge of the building process, forego control of their investment and look to their builder as their sole source for guidance. This reliance upon the builder to fulfill their responsibilities often ends in disappointment.

2.Builders fails to visit the construction site with the owner before construction begins to analyze the surroundings, conditions, potential obstacles and specific site circumstances that often require special attention.

3.Builders fails to make progress construction inspections. Builders rely on their subcontractors to establish the norm for quality and completeness of their work.

4.Builders’ contracts are builder favored making them self-serving. They use open-ended language pertaining to various condition costs, they have unaddressed quality standards, and weak performance commitments, etc.

5.Excessive and/or needless “allowance Items” are used for the builder’s convenience. These allowances are poorly estimated amounts that favor the builder.

6.Excessive charges for Change Orders made during construction.

7.Incomplete and/or poorly described Building Specifications.

8.Unrealistic projected completion dates.

9.The use of intimidation to project and/or persuade personal opinions.

10.The unwillingness of owner to confront builder with justified complaints.

The design criteria we use for our bar designs was gathered from various sources, including watching re-runs of the 80’s television show “Cheers”. We also look at all the different brands of  Home Bars that you can buy commercially and we visit local taverns and pubs to get a feel of what features we would like included in our designs.  We are constantly updating our bar plans to provide our customers with the latest popular models. We wanted our bars to resemble these professionally built models that can cost more than $10,000!  The results of our hard work and research are bar designs that are easy to build, can be built at a fraction of the price of professionally built models, and look as good or better than any commercially built bar that you would find in your local neighborhood tavern or restaurant. Take a look at our Completed Projects Gallery, there you will get a look at some of the bars our members have built in their homes. You can see that are basic designs can be combined and resized to easily accommodate any available space you have to work with. We also have some great deals on  Bar Stools and  Bar Furniture. Our newest design, the Beer Lovers Walk-Up Bar is in design and will be available in early 2010. Take a look at a few  sample pages from our actual plan documents, you will not find higher quality detailed plans anywhere on the internet; the best part is that we give ALL of our plans to you for a one-time, insanely low membership payment.

One way to get good ideas for your future home is to do active research. When you see a house for sale, take the time to stop and walk through to add to your likes and dislikes list. Steal ideas – it is allowed! Model homes are also a great way to check out housing designers and floor plans. Home Shows are another way to get some great ideas. These homes are fully decorated, and decorating is almost more important, when creating your dream home than the actual layout. Home shows will provide great ideas for wall coloring, counter tops, wood color, and furniture ideas. Home shows can provide you with a whole new perspective.The next step is to choose the location on which you will build your dream home. The atmosphere of your home will depend on whether you are located in the city or a subdivision, in the woods or if you have lots of acres around you. Work with your atmosphere instead of against it.. Once you have decided on the type of home you plan to build consider the best backdrop that will frame your home.

Choosing who will build your home is one of the most difficult steps in building a home. Talk to friends, family, or other acquaintances to get recommendations. When you have chosen a builder visit several projects that he has completed. Before anything else takes place, you and he should have a conversation to be sure his skills and your ideas will coincide. Don’t rush into making decisions. Make initial choices, but take your time to think about your choice before it is finalized. You will need to visit your home during the building process to make sure you and the builder are on the same page. Stay in close contact with the builder and his crews to help ensure that your home is being built according to your plan.

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