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In Kerala you generally don’t see row houses or housing clusters. Typically a Kerala home is a detached, independent house in a large parcel of land. Rich and traditional family homes are ‘Nalukettu’. This is an architectural lay out with a central open courtyard and rooms arranged around it. The middle of the courtyard, in Hindu families, usually have a flower bed with the ‘Thulasi’ plants. Thulasi is a plant with religious associations. You see many ‘nalukettu’ in Kerala, though many are being brought down to construct modern concrete buildings. Many of the richer families have multi-storied ‘nalukettu’. In some cases ‘nalukettu’ are repeated forming what is known as ‘Ettukettu’. The temple architecture of Kerala has significantly influenced this style of home design.

A house is not merely a space between the four walls or a mix of concrete or bricks, but has an identity of its own that should reflect the personalities living in it. For every Keralite, a home is a life time ambition and achievement .Since building a home involves application of a variety of skills, resources and materials, information is the key to an efficient building process. Perumthachan Inc is an initiative of a group of architects, engineers & designers who have come together to present a treasure house of knowledge on modern house building. We provide you with invaluable expertise of our experienced architects and designers integrating timeless beauty of Kerala Style architecture with the needs of the modern times. Our team has extensive experience in designing and building more than 600 homes in diverse locations in Kerala .Their architectural & technical expertise supported by fine environmental ,geographic cultural and economic sensibilities have enabled them to realise the making of some of the finest residences across the Kerala landcape. This website primarily aims at providing all the information needed at every stage of home making and beyond and it is our endeavor to make it up to date.Kochi (Cochin), the lime light these days as the government. Kerala signs a partnership agreement with Dubai based TECOM for the development of “smart city”. Now, what this intelligent city and how it will change the real estate sector this thriving city on the east coast of India?

Smart City Kochi is a project of infrastructure development to accommodate a large number of Business Technology and BPO in a special economic zone. This infrastructure project will be conducted by TECOM and leased space are IT / software houses to set up its center. An ambitious project that promises to bring billions dollar investment in Kochi in next two years. Kochi has the strategic advantage of offshore OFC connectivity is particularly attractive for the ITES / BPO. The low cost of land (compared to Mumbai, Bangalore and New Delhi) and its green landscape were the two other favorable factors.Development Curiously, new town is built around the SEZ. This town, which stands on the outskirts of the city has made the expansion of the modern city landscape. It was really a great news for developers and took the opportunity to run a work largely unused land into a modern city.

Kochi trade (Cochin), first and business development of export-oriented city is now real estate. A large number of builders in Kerala have already started housing projects and many large manufacturers in India have announced their plans in the city. It is estimated that the supply of new apartments Kochi can not meet a quarter of demand Estimated 100,000 units over the next two years. No wonder that many new manufacturers have to seize this opportunity. Outside the chip projects similar Shobha city as draft Hitec City, come close to Kochi, will further increase the demand for new construction. Kochi is also an ideal place for vacation homes with beautiful mountain and sea resorts villas and apartments.

Owning a house is everyone’s dream, but constructing one is not a very easy task. If you have enough and more money, you can buy one house. Instead if you have time to spare and the will to take trouble, you can construct one.
Then comes the question of home design. Here I have put up some contemporary designs that will help you decide on your plan. You may choose one of these plans or modify them to suit your needs. Unlike most plans currently available over the net, which are based on American or European styles and suited for their climates, these plans are designed to be suitable for the climate in Kerala. They are all available to you for free and without any sort of warranty or guarantee.

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