Luxury House Plans

Our luxury house plans combine size and style into a single design. We’re sure you’ll recognize something special in these hand-picked home designs. As your budget increases, so do the options, which you’ll find expressed in each of these quality home plans. For added luxury and lots of photos, see our Premium Collection of luxury house plans.

While all homes should provide comfort and function, a luxury home surpasses these basic purposes and offers much more flair. In a crowded city, it could mean a classy yet confined space in an exclusive neighborhood.

In more spread out areas of the country, it may have sizable square footage and sit on sprawling acres of land. However you envision your new luxurious home to wind up, you’ve landed at the right place to start the process. The Luxury Home Plans collection from eplans is the premium resource to find the upscale and up-to-date home designs you’re looking for.

Gourmet kitchens, spacious master bedroom and bathrooms, fitness centers, and outdoor kitchen and living areas are not new ideas found in luxury homes, but they are currently being transformed thanks to some fresh thinking.


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