Luxury home plans with photos

The luxury home plans typically have many environments and therefore very broad. Below we show an example, the plan of a mansion that has two levels and a basement. Can you imagine living in a house like that? First look at the first level of the house in the background:

We can see on the first floor: three-car garage, dining room, a kitchen with a particular form, sitting area and entertainment area and breakfast, office, living room and restrooms. Not bad for living alone, right? But usually this type of houses are for a family or several people. So on the second level we can observe four bedrooms. As a luxury home, each bedroom has en suite bathroom and walk in closet. And as in most homes, there is always a master bedroom where the bathroom is also bigger.

To finish the description in the basement there is another living room with a room to watch TV or play video games, a room to exercise our bodies and finally could not forget a small bar and a cellar to age wines.

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