Indoor swimming pool house plans

While an indoor swimming pool can be of tremendous benefit the highly humid air that circulates over the pool can be very harmful to the swimming pool house that it occupies.Because the swimming pool house where the swimming pool is situated is very warm and the water is also very warm the pool water evaporates and raises the humidity levels a lot.

This has three very negative effects:-

* The atmosphere within the pool room becomes very uncomfortable
* The moisture can attack and destroy many normal building materials if special precautions are not taken
* The moisture promotes the growth of both mould and mildew that are extremely ugly and dangerous to health

However, these problems can be overcome by the use of :-

* Careful design
* Special materials and methods of construction
* The installation of a continuous vapour barrieraround the pool room
* The installation of of high levels of insulation
* The appropriate dehumidification and ventilation equipment
* And last but certainly not least the provision of an automatic pool cover.

Pool cover provides many benefits

The pool cover provides many benefits including:-

* Keeping the pool room safe for children to use without danger of drowning
* Reduction in evaporation that reduces the running cost of costly de-humidification equipment
* Reduction in the indoor air temperature thus reducing heating costs
* Reduction of heat loss from the pool thus also reducing heating costs

The automatic covers used are are similar to those used for outdoor swimming pools, and can be of the above ground or submerged variety. The latter are a lot more attractive, but also a bit more costly.
Basement poolhouses

Indoor pools are frequently placed in basements where drainage may be a design issue.

An indoor swimming pools may also benefit from a modern cartridge filtration systems that does not require to be backwashed – another advantage in a basement swimming pool.
Ozone / UV water disinfection is more popular in indoor pools

However the smell of chlorine is worse in an indoor environment and so there is an increased use of Ozone / UV water disinfection in indoor swimming pools.
Sophisticated lighting effects and water features

And don’t forget that sophisticated lighting effects and water features can turn your indoor poolhouse into a spectacular addition to your living space.
Abris or sliding greenhouse type structures

in France, many people install removable greenhouse type structures that they call abris.

There are some drawbacks to this type of pool house but they do offer an economical way of owning an indoor swimming pool.

The low level abri type covers do provide a useful safety device and probably do extend the swimming season for several months.

There are many issues to consider when homeowners ask to include an indoor pool in their house. One is to make sure they are prepared for the costs. “Before we do an indoor pool, we interview the client so he understands the construction and operation costs,” says Tim O’Neil, operations manager and design engineer for Downes Swimming Pool in Arlington Heights, Ill. “Dehumidification is very expensive and we want the client to be prepped for [high] utility bills.”Because the space will hold a large amount of water, dehumidification is the biggest factor to making sure this space holds up for a long period of time. “You have to manage the temperature in the room so there isn’t condensation on the windows. And then there are issues of corrosion and how the inside of the structure holds up,” says Paolo Benedetti, principal, Aquatic Technology Pool and Spa in Morgan Hill, Calif.Consulting HVAC professionals in the early stages of design can ensure good design and reduce future problems. “Moisture is the largest problem that indoor pool builders encounter. It must be controlled by a dehumidification system installed by an HVAC specialist. This may control the entire environment from air conditioning to heating, along with dehumidification,” says Robert Blanda, CBP, owner, Mill Bergen Pools in Brooklyn, N.Y., an affiliate of the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals.Beyond a dehumidification system, a cover is used when pools are not being used. A cover will decrease moisture in the air as well as create a safety feature when small children or elderly people are near an indoor pool.

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