How to divide dining room

Decorating a dining room large proportions can be a problem for some people. However, having a comfortable enough room to integrate more than one use in the same area and exploit space is a real advantage. So today we offer some ideas to divide a dining room . This way, you can combine two or more rooms in a single space, adapting each specific use area and achieving a harmonious whole.

Folding and sliding Divisions
One of the ways you have to leverage a large dining room is divided space with sliding screens or panels. The advantage of this type of dividers that let you generate is more defined spaces and with a greater degree of privacy than other solutions.

You can also use these divisions as you please and according to the needs of the moment. If you want a bit of privacy for reading or, if you think otherwise have a party, you can remove the screens and sliding panels for a more spacious and comfortable dining room to receive guests. It is a way to maximize space and create versatility at home, with a kind of multifunctional hall that fits your needs.

Divide the space with furniture
Should have a large dining room, you can divide it using the furniture and creating a living room or a small reading area amenities. Upon dividing the dining room you can run a space as a living room with sofas and armchairs. This requires you to place them back to the other areas, using an L-shaped distribution You can also use rugs to decorate and thus will have a sitting area largely defined.
Another proposal to divide the room is to use a bookcase horizontally and create a space that will serve as a mini-library and reading room . You must decorate it with a couple of comfortable chairs, floor lamps for readability, a side table and even a small desk if necessary estimates. It is preferable that this division is by a window because you will take advantage of natural light for reading.

Using the structural elements
If the dining room is very large with structural elements such as columns, pillars or beams, you can help them to divide the space. For example, you can take advantage of these structures define areas that naturally and some furniture accentuate continue using those lines.

Do not forget you can install small decorative panels of wood halfway up the room so clearly divided, but without losing the spatial continuity. You can also place plants or sculptures with pillars or columns and create portals that separate one room to the other, depending on the use of each space.

In short, you can split a large dining room furniture distributing, placing decorative items such as rugs or spatial divisions as screens and sliding panels. This way will take advantage of the space without losing continuity, making it easier to dining decor . Do you have other ideas to share? , now look to this examples :

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