House Plans in Germany

This contemporary timber house design to stand out from the rest. MuUGN Haus is a modern German house plan, wood-clad in dark timber to give it a rustic feel. But the windows have a modern edge, foreshadowing what you’ll find inside.

This house is a German modern house plan, wood covered in dark wood to give a rustic ambience. However, the windows are modern, knowing what you find inside.

In sharp contrast to the dark, almost brooding facade, this house is open concept bright, friendly and modern. Dressed in light wood floor and keeps the focus of the house.

Unlike Anglo-Americans, Germans tend to buy houses for life. They don’t often see the more typical, non-European practice of buying now and continuously upgrading. This explains why there are fewer real-estate market price fluctuations, though the demand for choice locations remains high. It is not unusual for would-be homeowners to take up to two years to find their home.

The percentage of Germans owning their homes is surprisingly low compared with elsewhere. At about 42 percent, it is the lowest in the entire European Union. As in other countries, the ratio differs according to income levels. The more affluent the people are the more likely it is that they will own their homes.


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