Guidelines to redesign the interior structure of the house

A well thought-out simplicity and comprehensive search functionality marked the internal renovation of many homes, resulting in a habitat where practicality premium over other values. This course explains how to perform household changes, accommodate the personality and needs of each family.

solid wooden flooring systems and white interior dining room design ideas

Once this decision is made, it starts to take concrete shape to the ideas, as far as it will help much knowledge and experience. As a starting point, if you have an old house several years ago and really like the facade, as a starting point, is then resolved to respect the original facade, like the structure of the house. If he does not like the facade or structure, you can consult with an architect to discuss possibilities for changing the facade, one of the easiest and most practical advice is to change the color.

chocolate printed rug for living room and mosaic wall print plus chandelier lights above purple sofa sets

If you do not agree either with the inner structure of the house, ask your health by how you can go deleting one by one all internal partitions NO structural and replace panels beech, for example, with a height two meters and almost all phones.

With this change doubled result is achieved: firstly achieves better exploit the space, and on the other hand, gives the house an interesting chameleon effect, where rooms could see the dimensions and appearance altered with a simple opening or closing doors.

library design and classic gray side table furniture above table lamp shades

In each of the rooms, the furniture can be chosen with great thoroughness, avoiding all excess, to reaffirm the impression of neatness and sobriety set we want. Everywhere in the house, straight lines predominate and only the child’s bedroom (if you have one), they provide a cheerful note among the neutral shades of the rest of the house, the child’s bedroom can be in blue colors.

wood clad mirroed flatscreen feature wall living in modern style interior design

Highlighted by the sober chimney liner, if they have one, inside which you can practice a vitro ceramic glass closure. The table in the center of the room can go and stainless steel skin over a decoration, candles can be placed moss and rustic copper tray. The lead sofas upholstery and gray checked coat the floor mat can coconut with black trim on the edge. The sole focus of artificial visible light correspond to a lamp with articulated arm nickel.

white sofa sets with pink cushions and decorative chinese ceiling

The view from the dining room, where the dining table consist of a wrought iron structure covered with a marble countertop. As for the chairs, will seat chromed steel and fabric, you can choose black color, with a very simple but highly effective contrast they get. The table runner, gray with flatware with black handles.

mirror with luury style plus white tv storage unit under led tv

Like the kitchen, the walls and floor of the master bathroom is clad in limestone, near a bathtub, a large standing washbasin cabinet with mirror wood and three points of light in the top. On the top, you can place a floral detail in African violet and green cylindrical candle Moss as that would put the coffee table in the lounge.

triple pendulum lit above dark brown dining table set and dining chairs

Fantasies in blue decorate the children’s room, where a huge bear vaccine will protect your child’s dream. At the foot of the bed a chest wicker painted white stands. Another bathrooms can be decorated in light green tile. Heads will turn a long counter and a mirror that fills the entire wall.

silver lounge chairs and comfortable sofa set with white cushions in casual living room

stylish wood kitchen island with steel countertop beside staircase

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