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Free Plans for Building a Dog House
If you’re handy with woodworking tools, here is a selection of free dog house plans that are worth a gander.
All About Dog Houses Sparky1 – our very own DIY entry! An insulated medium-sized dog house with a removable roof for ease of cleaning, a cedar deck with roof, an optional inner wall, and solid construction throughout. Lots of photos and detailed construction instructions.
Asheville Humane Society Dog House – A simple but functional dog house with a gently sloped roof, an offset doorway, interior wind break, and a 2×4 raised floor. One of the nice features with this plan is that all the measurements are given in terms of your dog’s size so you can easily custom build the house to fit your dog. Example: dimension X is dog’s length plus 12″. [ PDF format].
DIY Doghouse – A spacious and heavy duty structure painted gray with white trim. This beast has 2X4 stud walls, a base frame made from 2×6 lumber, bona fide roof rafters, and an asphalt shingle roof. One thing missing though are dimensions: the directions just say “To determine the size of the doghouse, first assess the dog’s size, and decide how much space he or she will need.” The suggestion to put  a light bulb in the ceiling for heat also makes me a bit nervous. Otherwise, a nice pooch house. From the DIY Network.
Free Dog House Plans
Everyone wants their own home and dogs are no exception. Dogs that live outdoors need proper shelter from the elements no matter if they live in the cold north or the sunny south. Building your own dog house can be fun and rewarding. You get to show off your handyman skills while providing a nice home for your family pet. So browse our library of free dog house plans and select the perfect home for fido
Free Dog House Plans
A dog house is a perfect summer project so your favorite pet will be protected from the elements this winter.
It should not be too big or too small for the intended dog because of the potential for excessive heat loss or constriction. Browse through the free plans below to find a perfect house for your dog.
Take Advantage Of The Free Dog House Plans Available
Any free dog house plans should indicate that all dog houses must be raised and built off of the ground so that water can’t get in on rainy days. This also keeps it warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer and keeps insects and other pests from invading his home.
For any water run-off, the floor should be slightly slanted towards the entrance way.
We do not recommend installing carpet in your dog’s house. Although this sounds like a great idea to humans, unfortunately your best friend will track water in during rain/snow and the carpet will remain wet and harbor bacteria. Straw is the best thing that you can put into a dog house to keep him warm and dry and should be changed every couple of weeks.
The roof should be slanted, water will not run off of a flat roof.
It’s a good idea to have the entrance to the side vs in the center.
We suggest a removable flap made of burlap or canvas approx. 3/4″ in length of the dog house entrance as a doggie door for additional protection in the winter and open in the warmer months.
In colder climates, insulating the floor is very important, insulating the walls and ceiling is also recommended.
DO NOT PAINT THE INSIDE OF THE DOG HOUSE and keep everything non-toxic to your best friend.
Five Step Free Dog House Plans
1. Ensure That The Dog House Is Big Enough
You should begin your dog house building process by making sure the house is big enough to accommodate your animal’s potential adult size. So you should get some dog house free plan. Humans enjoy having about 2 feet of air above us in a room in order to live without feeling claustrophobic. Your dog will probably also enjoy having that much room. The comfort zone for both humans and dogs is about 1/3 of their standing height.
2. Raise The Dog House From The Ground
Remember to raise the dog house several inches from the ground to allow air and water to flow underneath. You can get instructions how to do this in good dog house plans free. To dissuade pests from invading the dog house and taking your dog’s health into consideration remember how important ventilation is. Put in a few nickel-sized holes in the walls under the eaves. Install a wind block inside the house so the dog can use the heat of its own body to warm up the area if it is really cold or windy outside.
3. Make The Floor And Roof A Bit Slanted
To avoid rain coming into the dog house make the floor just a bit slanted toward the doorway and build the roof a little bit slanted, as well. Make sure the house is well insulated but in the dog house plans free I have been following you should not paint the inside.
4. Make The Dog House Faces East
In the United States most storms come from the south and west so make sure the dog house faces a different direction. Most dog house plans suggest that the dog house door faces east. The cold air will not be able to whip through the entryway then.
5. Put Hinges On The Roof Of The Dog House
It is suggested that you put hinges on the roof of the dog house. This makes it easier for you to clean out your dog’s home. You should clean the dog’s house as often as you give your dog a bath.

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