Drawing a house plan to scale

A scale drawing of a house is a representation of the building in a far smaller size than reality. Having a scaled house plan is essential to any designer, architect or builder. It allows the rooms to be carefully planned to see how they will go together, whether structurally or aesthetically. A scale house plan can also be used when deciding on new furniture, to see how it will fit in. Although it seems daunting at first, drawing a house plan to scale is relatively simple.

1-Decide on the scale you wish to have your plan. Architects and engineers, use different scales for their projects. A commercial scale may be an eighth-scale. Most residential plans are drawn to a quarter-scale. This means that each inch on the plan will be equivalent to four feet in real terms.

2-Research the symbols used to represent furniture, doors, windows, etc. This only matters if you are going to be using the plan in a professional context. If it is just for yourself, come up with your own symbols, just remember to keep a key for easy reference.

3-Begin with the outside walls. This will give you the plan for the overall building. Measure each wall in feet and divide by four, for which each block of four feet will be represented as an inch on the plan. Using a measuring stick, draw the lines on your graph paper. If you prefer, you can use a T-square to line up the corners.

4-Draw in the thickness of your walls. You should include any finishing that will be given to the outside walls such as shingles or rough walling.

5-Use your triangle and T-square to measure out the interior walls and mark them on your plan. You will use the same scale as the exterior walls. Treat each story of the building separately, marking above which level it is. This avoids the one plan becoming too cluttered.

Every architect, design or engineer will need a floor plan drawn to scale of their designs before it can be built. Contractors rely on a floor plan drawn to a specific scale to help them in putting the building together. Architects use a scaled floor plan to show how their design can be built. Drawing a scaled floor plan is not that hard once you understand how to use an architectural scale.

1-There are different sizes of sheets you can choose from. Before you start drawing you have to decide what size sheet will fit your scaled drawing. Typically, an architect will use either a D-size (24 by 36 inches) sheet or an E-size (30 by 42 inches) sheet.

2-Next you will need to choose what scale you are going to draw your floor plan. A typical floor plan of a residential house is drawn at quarter scale. Some commercial buildings, if they are big enough, will be drawn at eighth-inch scale. A quarter scale means that a quarter of an inch equals 1 foot; 1 inch will equal 4 feet. An eighth-inch scale means that every eighth of an inch equals 1 foot or 1 inch equals 8 feet

3-You first start by drawing your outside walls. The outline of the building is important because it will dictate the size of the sheet and the scale you will be drawing at. You want the drawing to be big enough to read and understand. But you do not need to draw it so big that there is a lot of empty space. Enlarged plans will be drawn only for those areas that require a lot of detailing.



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