Dog houses plans for large dogs

Large dogs have different requirements than small or medium-sized dogs in a lot of ways, and houses are no different.

Our police dog houses were designed in consultation with veterinarians and police K-9 handlers to meet the needs of a wide range of dogs and owners. Over the years, we have built dog houses with barn and peak style roofs. Building dog houses with these styles of roofs is an ideal place for wasps, hornets, and other types of insects or animals to congregate and build their nests. When using these styles of roofs, you will not have an inside wind wall which protects the K-9’s in cold and windy weather, and their will also be a large amount of heat loss. It is also not designed with the handler in mind when it comes to cleaning.

This is why our police dog house plans have a slightly sloped roof, that is on hinges, which makes cleaning and accessibility to the inside of the dog house very easy. All police dog houses have a removable wind wall for the comfort of your K-9’s. This removable wind wall is designed for the correct size of your K-9’s in order for the K-9’s to be able to heat the sleeping area with there own body heat. Our police dog houses are used by police in housing all kinds of highly trained canines in areas such as bomb detecting, narcotics, and forensics, as well as search dogs for tracking and crowd control.


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