Bird House Plans

One result of the increasingly popular interest in birds has been a definite movement to protect them and to concentrate them where they are especially desired. It is during the breeding period that birds are at their best, and people who love to see and hear them or who need their help in fighting insect pests are eager to offer inducements in the way of nesting sites to invite their presence at this season.

Building wooden bird houses is a great way to attract a variety of birds to your property, and it can also be a fun weekend project.
Here are a some things to consider when building your own wooden bird houses:

Don’t paint, stain, varnish, or treat the inside or around the hole entrance of the bird house, this will keep away the birds. Cedar is a good wood, it doesn’t need to be painted, stained or treated.

Avoid using a perch, putting a perch on the will give a predator bird somewhere to sit and wait.
Drill the proper entrance hole for the bird you are trying to attract.
Once you are done building, you will need to find a good place to put the bird house. A good location will be somewhere in your property that does not have to much human activity.


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