Arizona style house plans

Innovative and unique home designs with modern amenities, such as kitchens open to great rooms, walk in closets in secondary bedrooms and split floor plans. Construction-ready with architectural requirements conforming to modern codes based in the southwest regionSpanish style home plans capture the essence of sunny Mediterranean Spain and incorporate a rich and varied history of Moorish, Byzantine, Gothic and Renaissance decorative styles. Most common in California, Arizona, Texas and Florida, Spanish style house plans reached their height in popularity in America during the 1920s and early 1940s. Wonderfully at home in the Southwest but rare elsewhere, these hospitable houses infuse everyday life with the spice of Spanish style.

Arizona House Plans of Luxury brings you the very best in residential home designs and house floor plans. Only the best can become the home designers of choice for many, if not most, of the country’s most prestigious Country Clubs and Communities.It begins by building a reputation for having the vision to design the finest homes imaginable – one house at a time.Only after many years of winning awards for distinction and excellence do the country’s wealthiest and most prominent demand your house designs and will accept nothing less.Then, and only then, have you earned the right to call yourselves “The Very Best”

We have a database of house plans for individual home owners, builders, real-estate agents/house marketing groups, and developers. Search our website to find the house plan that fits your specific needs at the right price for you. There’s no hassle here, because luxurious house plans make it easy to search for the right house for you. Our house plans range in size from under 1000 square feet to over 6000 square feet, and come in a variety of different residential home designs and styles. The Pueblo Revival house, like the original pueblo dwelling, is characterized by massive looking battered walls with rounded corners. Roofs are always flat and usually have parapet walls. The most recognizable element of the style is the projecting rounded roof beam known as a “viga.” Second-and third-story levels are usually stepped and terraced to resemble the Indian habitats. When not built of adobe, Pueblo Revival  Style buildings try to look as though they were. Walls are always plastered when they are not adobe and are always given a heavy rounded look.

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