apartment industrial style

Comfortable apartment industrial style

Located in the heart of London’s Soho, this loft apartment of 107 square meters is decorated in a former warehouse building, overlooking the courtyard. Large open living and dining room, with huge windows, make this apartment truly stunning space. The room was recently refurbished with the help of interior designer and blogger Doris Lee.

apartment industrial style

Previous owners set are arranged in a flat white, ultra-modern style that was not to the taste of the owners, who are hired Doris, to assist in creating a softer and livelier area. The room is filled with lots of vintage furniture, lighting and decoration, and the shelf in the living room and new dining room table used are old panels for scaffolding. For the perfect vintage feeling there is a set of Vanity Fair pictures in the guest room.

decorating industrial style apartment

Window frames and wall in the living room are painted in dark turquoise (color Dulux Azure Fusion 1) – this beautiful, dark color draws attention to the windows, which are characteristic of this apartment, and gives a greater definition and character. Color and vintage elements together to oppose sharp, clean lines of space, and the result is seriously stylish and extremely hospitable.

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Home Office designs for kids

When they come home from school or kindergarten, children must be part of the family atmosphere and all the facilities to do homework or to carry out they small projects that have been designated by the teacher. So, just like us, adults, need office they year. There is plenty of political pieces of furniture in stores and you find it difficult to choose the right one will likely. That’s why we decided to introduce 10 models of your offices, which will inspire you when you go shopping for this purpose and you can give some ideas in terms of arranging the work of the youngest of the family.

Wooden study room interior ideas
Here is some types of desks for kids!
Offices for girls and boys of all ages
Coquette every little girl should not have a desk to fit with his personality and his tastes in fashion. After all, who says children do not have keys that good?
Two twin sisters or relatives age, two offices located in this manner represents the best solution. In this way, they can can communicate and help each other to lessons.
The same rule applies in the case of offices for the brothers. Remember that they be personalized wine, to reconcile everyone!
Bunk beds has suitable for rooms where are space is very generous, and year office for children of can find very good year like the biggest fan arrangement.
As you probably already realize, kids desks, there is nothing but compared to the ones we use ourselves, adults. Therefore, do not overlook the importance of their appearance and their placement in the habitable space, so children feel comfortable and that their interest when to give their they do homework.

beautiful kids study with white furniture

blue inspired media and family room

blue white study room

bright colorful kids study rooms designs

bright colorful study room

contemporary home office with reading nook and desk los angeles

contemporary kids home office decor

contemporary kids study design san francisco

contemporary kids study room san diego

contemporary teens boy bedroom with beautiful bookcase study desk

cool kids room decor ideas

dark wood study room

ecclectic home office decor sydney

eco friendly study room

gorgeous teen study

highly functional modern kids study room

home office with children study desk

kids area room with white desks and colorful wallpaper

kids study room with vintage design

modern study area for kids with desk along the wall and big windows

playful study room for kids

study room by Araiel

study room ideas

teenage loft home office design

traditional kids study room oxford playroom

useful study room ideas

utility study rooms

White blue kids study room design ideas

white furnished kids study room with custom designed craft table

white kids study room with colorful accessories

white minimalist kids study room

wooden study room

outdoor patio decorating ideas on a budget

Outdoors that will amaze you!

The Desire to Inspire brought together some of the most beautiful photos that relate to the outdoors! Buildings, courtyards, sofas, overlooking the forest. Don’t know about you but left us with his mouth open!

outdoor patio decorating ideas on a budget

decorating outdoor stair design

diy outdoor decorating ideas on a budget

outdoor christmas decorating ideas diy

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outdoor decor ideas for summer

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spring outdoor decor ideas


wide open interior space eclectic decor

The renovation of a house built home in the 50th

The House renovation in general is a project as complex and ambitious that fascinating when we view the result. Unlike the building from nothing, the renovation requires more reflection and considerations which differ in each project. In this case, it is a really exciting renovation project. The House is located in a moshav in the plain of Sharon in Israel.

wide open interior space eclectic decor

Originally, the House was built in 1951 to a family of Jewish émigrés from the Libya. At the time, the House was tiny, as was typical for all the houses of the time. But over the years, the House has broadened with the family who grew up. This last house renovation was carried out by Rotem Guy, for two new owners: a cook and a designer.

beautiful wooden bookcase with small white stool

Rotem Guy took care to redecorate the Interior with a particular taste for the eclectic. Several decades old elements have been preserved to give the House a rustic and authentic. Thus, the ceiling which overlooks the living room is adorned with wooden beams coming from the old House. Old shelves have also been incorporated into the decor now make office furniture library simple and rustic. The new interior includes an office at home and a furnished terrace. A real transformation as we like!

alcove in the wall to store firewood

bathroom sober black and white tiles

beautiful bedroom with tiled floor

Cork headboard extends around the room

daccents beautiful interior dotted with bright colors

dining table design ideas

home office with rolling green apple stores

house renovation in a moshav in israel

house renovation industrial

house renovation vast enlarged internal 50s

interesting design house library

old wooden beams have been preserved

original interior designed with a yellow wall

parquet flooring defines various areas

Sliding doors open onto a terrace

terrace accessible from living room and home office

Wall model Venature Artistiche Novamobili

house renovation in an Israeli moshav

modern cottage style interior decor

Cottage style living interior

Who does not sometimes want a cottage in the country, where he can pull back after work or on the weekend? Then it is the stress of everyday life, welcome goodbye relaxation! If the country house but still far in the future, we at least give us with the style hut hint of idyllic country life in our four walls can bring.

modern cottage style interior decor

The term comes from the English and translates to cottage as a cabin or cottage. In England, the so-called small houses, that not built and only on the ground floor. In the meantime, the original charm of the building has and developed their typical style of establishing a true trend. Based on the country house style or vintage look, conquered the cottage-style living rooms all over the world today. Also in Italy, is long since forfeited his magic and has the same set up in Bologna a whole apartment in country house style.

all white cottage style interiors

beach cottage style home decor

classic cottage living room design

contemporary cottage interior design

Cottage home interiors stone fireplace

cottage home interiors stucco kitchen

Cottage interiors antique bed

Cottage interiors canopy bed

Cottage interiors stonewalls canopy bed

cottage living room decoration

cottage style bedroom

cottage style decor for sale

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cottage style interior design

Cottage style interiors old tool shed

Cottage style interiors wicker furniture

Cottage style restaurant interiors

english cottage style home decor

french cottage style decor ideas

In detail

Kitchen with vintage charm

Living in a cottage-style

modern cottage style home decor

modern cottage style interior decor ideas

modern cottage style living room

paint colors for the cottage style decor

Stylish Living Cottage bedroom

white cottage style interior decor

wooden cottage design

living room idea did ultra modern design

Cheap Furniture More Expensive Way to Display

Looks like both more luxurious and expensive furniture House show but less budget to be able to do a home décor with an eternal dilemma, isn’t it? Sometimes I look at discount furniture stores for your House but obtained low-cost furniture luxury interior design magazines can be annoying because I can not find anything like that. Fortunately, here in your home, cheap parts, expensive-looking furniture has four simple ways to convert.

old sofas again by laying experiment show

1.You didn t keep up under Foot set; This is a piece of furniture, decorative and struck a more authentic look by attaching the feet can be obtained. Messala buffet, a little more with embroidered feet raise very useful. Ottoman-style carved the folds or vintage very nice you can purchase furniture legs. This technique instantly furniture will make you appear more luxurious appearance.

adding more luxury sofa feet

2. our hardware key-Furniture is cheaper is that with low-cost hardware that shows. Like the ordinary plastic handles and retention ko. To hide the evidence, the more you can change your own original materials and hardware. For example, ceramic or chrome knobs cheap chest straps are much more high quality makes it look like.

Bedroom innovative ideas for a great wall decoration

3. give you overlay with wallpapers Character change your Office furniture cheap appears – really select a fun pattern to any room. Also, do you have with a little paint can do wonders. Change your Office furniture, take a can of paint and sanding in show worn with add a touch of antique-looking for a few hours, you can make your own by using the furniture.

living room design idea did send

Change your Office furniture with white paint and then antique, weathered and worn-looking furniture you can get all your home furniture like or weathered a few of them, you can show the more expensive and effective.

living room idea did super interesting

4. Re-upholstery insert – Cheap sofas and chairs can be changed to a more recent and often expensive fabrics. Invest in some printed fabrics and buttons to add to the professional, visit a tile artist. This simple and inexpensive updates quickly even in the catalog of any luxury good will stop will be elegant and stylish furniture.

living room idea did ultra modern design

living room idea thatwill look chic

modern bathroom with an interesting designer bathroom mirror

modern interior design wonderful wall decoration colorful colors

Modern wallpaper in the hallway creative wall design interior design

renovation of old furniture cabinets 2015

rustic bathroom with a beautiful designer bathroom mirror

Garden path ideas for fall

Garden path ideas for fall

Just because it is cooler that does not mean, that you need to adopt from your garden. In fact, if you live in a warm climate, milder temperatures allow you to insert plants, you could never grow in the summer. If you are not an avid gardener, this season will be a great temptation for you, set up for the winter. Instead, take the fall as a pretext, to liven up your garden.

Ornamental cabbage lines a garden path

In the present issue we present ideas for autumnal garden paths. If you go through your garden, look for sections, a touch of fall color might need to beautify the green. If you have flower beds and a path in the front yard, take this walkway to the occasion, to festive welcome your guests. No matter whether you are an experienced gardener, or enjoy just a beautiful courtyard, take some ideas from the photos, and use them to make your imagination.

Chrysanthemums on a fall garden path

Garden path ideas for fall

Garden path lined with pumpkins

Garden path with urns of pumpkins

Garden vignette with small pumpkins

Pumpkins and flowers in an autumn garden

Pumpkins line a garden path

Purple and orange flowers line a garden path

Red on a garden path

xeriscape Garden Path

glass coffee table idea

Ways to decorate coffee table

The coffee table plays a very important role in the atmosphere you want to create in the room. You can choose a wide coffee table of modern and original design or you can choose two smaller That You can move Easily There Where You need. This time we present A Few ideas Extremely versatile tables that Makes Them perfect for a contemporary interior design. Often minimalist style is All That You Need for your home. A coffee table with a vase decorated with gold top: has a single accessory is always beautiful and chic.

coffee table decorative objects

A beautiful table runner, a beautiful floral arrangement or a basket with fresh fruit – are accessories thesis That Will decorate your table without overcharging. Choose a Few original decorative balls or an elegant shelf Will give texture to your table while now the organization. You can give a bit of freshness to your decor with a pot of Ivy, Gougère or just a bouquet of fresh flowers.

coffee table candlesticks elegants

The fresh flowers Will Always a little color and Will play the role of a decorative Center in your living room. Some find beautiful books, put ’em on Each Other on your coffee table and place a beautiful object below-. To add personality to the space, choose something sculptural and eccentric as a coral, a glass sphere, or a small jar. Purpose do not forget it as a coffee table and you must leave at least a bit of room to up your cup of coffee. Here are a Few decorative ideas:

coffee table decoration idea

coffee table decoration ideas

coffee table decoration

coffee table flowers candles

coffee table idea

coffee table original idea

deco coffee table eccentric lounge

deco coffee table living room

deco coffee table objects

deco lounge table vases

deco original design coffee table

decoration small coffee tables

decoration wooden coffee table

elegant deco coffee table

glass coffee table idea

living room coffee table design

Low flower pot table

Nature deco living branches

Simple deco coffee table

wooden living room coffee table

Kelly Hoppen decorated with a personal touch apartment in London (10)

Kelly Hoppen decorated with a personal touch apartment in London

Kelly Hoppen MBE famous interior designer was chosen to remodel this London apartment. Customers requirements were that his apartment was redesigned mainly as an office, but also had to be at the same time as a second home. Which meant that Kelly had to start almost from scratch. The apartment with an area of 135m 2 consists of nine rooms and his work included giving to the walls, floors, cornices, joinery, doors and windows of a new finish that give you more light and that would give you a more contemporary style. She also took part in the renovation of the bathrooms and the equipped with new units and appliances in the kitchen. As always Kelly added their own personal touches of clean lines and with his wonderful sense of colors and textures that got this apartment to receive unique results with a sense of warmth and vitality, another perfect project to add to his growing career of interior decoration.

Kelly Hoppen decorated with a personal touch apartment in London (1)

Kelly Hoppen decorated with a personal touch apartment in London (2)

Kelly Hoppen decorated with a personal touch apartment in London (3)

Kelly Hoppen decorated with a personal touch apartment in London (4)

Kelly Hoppen decorated with a personal touch apartment in London (5)

Kelly Hoppen decorated with a personal touch apartment in London (6)

Kelly Hoppen decorated with a personal touch apartment in London (7)

Kelly Hoppen decorated with a personal touch apartment in London (8)

Kelly Hoppen decorated with a personal touch apartment in London (9)

Kelly Hoppen decorated with a personal touch apartment in London (10)

Kelly Hoppen decorated with a personal touch apartment in London (11)

Kelly Hoppen decorated with a personal touch apartment in London (12)

Kelly Hoppen decorated with a personal touch apartment in London (13)

Kelly Hoppen decorated with a personal touch apartment in London (14)

Kelly Hoppen decorated with a personal touch apartment in London (15)

Kelly Hoppen decorated with a personal touch apartment in London (16)

Kelly Hoppen decorated with a personal touch apartment in London (17)

Kelly Hoppen decorated with a personal touch apartment in London (18)

Novel design of modern stairs

Modern Handrails Adding Contemporary Style to Your Home

Different models of stairs ranging from geometric figures that make up each step to organic designs, inspiration for the construction of stairs in your home with the best designs.

Design of stairs With bare of logs and rails acer

The treads of the stairs wood triangular geometric forms constitute it, they complement the design a tempered iron railing you must keep in mind that the stairs must adapt perfectly to the place where this located obtaining a decorative effect in addition to the purely functional.

Bare wood and glass stair railing modern design

Stairs seem to float with a series of rungs of wooden and steel straps that go up to the ceiling, lighting complements perfectly design the railings are a series of wooden planks which follow the curve of the escaleraPuede designed this model of stairs in a square space, has a steel structure with wood treads if you like contemporary designs – Fuera de serie – the following ladder model brings a dose of art to the decoration of your home.Design of robust stair with wood treads that combines very well with applied stone – in this case – on the walls.

Design of modern stairs with glass railing geometrical peeled

This model is becoming very popular in modern houses, here shown contrasting with the color white walls of stairs design ideal for small houses combines a strong steel frame and wood treads classical stairs with decorative iron railings, in this case each contrapasso has applied geometric designs of multi-color ceramic.

Design of modern stairs With straps acer

Design of stairs with decorative iron railings and peeled

Design of stairs with glass railing

Design of stairs with wood railings and steel

Design of stairs zig zag

Design of steel and wooden stairs with iron railings

Design of very small stairs to Departments

Design of wooden stairs to small houses

Design of wooden stairs

Innovative design of stairs With geometric shapes

Novel design of modern stairs

Peeled design of wooden stairs and railings tempered glass

Small wooden stairs peeled